Invitations to buyers + invitation codes

preferably before February 28th.

On this page, your company , has two options for inviting customers and prospects.
My invitation
1. Click on Import guests
2. Click on Download the model
3. You can Import your list

You can also Add guest manually and view guest registration status upon import.

Invitations are not sent instantly, but automatically every 72 hours.
My invitation codes
1. Click on My promo codes
2. Click on Copy the promo code (invitation code)
3. Share your code by email with the link below

You can track in real time which buyers have used your code to register and came to the event.

You can share the link below with the pre-filled invitation code. Limit 200 uses per code.

You have invited people in this list.

Import guests

Copy this link and the invitation code and pass them on to your guests.


Understand the different status

There are 7 status for your guests

Registered: Your guest has already registered for the event and received his badge by email. He will not be contacted again.
Imported: your guest has been imported into your list
Email sent: the invitation email has been sent to them
Email opened: the invitation email has been opened
Email clicked: the invitation email has been clicked on
Unreachable: the invitation email did not reach its destination (in the case of a soft or hard bounce). You must check the provided email address, there is a good chance that it is incorrect or no longer valid
Not finalized: your guest has started their registration but did not complete it